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Patrice GALAS - Pierre CAMMAS
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Martial Solal
In answer to the question Can Jazz be taucht ? , not too long ago, the answer was: you cant learn it, it is instinctive , etc. Fortunately, things have changed a lot.And, even if it is still true that you cannot transform a beginning musician into a composing genius, he can be shown how to use his imagination. This is wonderfully demonstrated by the books which Patrice Galas and Pierre Cammas have written during several years of painstaking work. And what a construction ! All the chords, thousands of melodic and rhythmic ideas, all sorts of possible accompaniments, enable one to say that everything is in there, and this real encyclopedia of modern forms of music, including Jazz, should be considered as must by all, beginners, or not, who wish to familiarize themselves with the infinite world of musical research.
Martial Solal